Tridens AS has been a reliable partner to its valuable customers, shareholders, employees, the Republic of Estonia and its cultural community, and suppliers all over the world for 28 years. Tallinn Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend is very pleased to have Tridens as our partner for the second year. 

These 28 years have given the company a long-term experience to guide the existence of the brands of their assortment in Estonia. Precisely the experience and knowledge gave Tridens the courage to open the subsidiaries in Latvia and Lithuania in 2007. Tridens AS is proud for the achievements because the sales of many brands have already increased tenfold, and they believe that there is even more room for the growth of potential. The product range holds more than 150 different brands of which the best-known are the Jägermeister, Metaxa, Rémy Martin, Russian Standard and Red Bull. Company's people, partners, experience, and continuous pursuit of quality create a DIGNIFIED result for which Tridens with its SOUL stands for every day!

At the Tallinn Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend LifeStyle Expo and Show on Friday Tridens will be presenting Metaxa 12 Star, Remy Martin cognac and Mount Gay rum:

METAXA 12 STARS - Smoothness Defined

Since 1888, the House of Metaxa has been on a journey to offer one of the smoothest and most pleasurable amber spirits under the sun. METAXA 12 Stars is the refined expression of this journey. This one-of-a-kind amber spirit unfolds a very complex character, with subtle aromatic notes of toasted oak wood, orange peel and spices.

Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac

The story of Rémy Martin is one of ambition: to capture the heart of cognac. Since 1724, Rémy Martin has been led by extraordinary men and women who turned a small piece of French terroir into home to one of the world’s finest cognacs - a signature blend of Grande and Petite Champagne crus.

Mount Gay

Mount Gay Rum is the product of over 300 years of knowledge, experience and refinement applied to the process of making rum. Every great story begins with a time and a place. For Mount Gay Rum that time and place is the Caribbean Island of Barbados in 1703.

Cigars and fine drinks are a combination – come to Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend 2017 and test yourself which brands are the best!