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The Tallinn Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend, which is taking place 9th–11th June, is an exclusive event for adults, which brings together high-quality entertainment, inside view of the international cigar world and international exciting company. Participants will be able to enjoy a high level of entertainment and a music programme right next to the Tallinn city wall on the Tower’ Square.

Cigar enthusiasts can take part in the slow cigar smoking World Cup qualifying tournament. The integral parts of the event are of course the best cigars and exclusive drinks like whiskey, liqueur and cognac. Traditionally, the most exclusive cars in Estonia will be available for test drives during the Tallinn Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend. In addition, luxury jewellery, fashion, flower, coffee, watch and other companies will be presenting their products at the event.


The 120 fastest registrants will get a pass to the gala dinner on 10th June.

Tickets can also be bought through Piletilevi's points of sales across Estonia and Latvia, Statoil and online

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