Tauno Kangro SkulptuuriGalerii

Estonian sculptor Tauno Kangro’s distinctive sculptures have become the symbolic objects of a number of places in Estonia. His works, mostly made of bronze, granite and dolomite, can also be seen in town squares, parks and art collections in countries like Germany, Denmark, France, Sweden, Finland and many others.

The most well known are "The Lucky Chimney Sweep" at the edge of the Tallinn Old Town, "Suur Tõll and Piret Got a Good Fish Harvest" in Kuressaare and "The Aurochs" in Rakvere. The last mentioned one - the Aurochs, symbol of Rakvere city in Estonia since 2011 - is the largest monument of the sculptor: 9 metres long and weighs over 7 tonnes, made of bronze and granite.

Tauno Kangro has had over 50 solo exhibitions in different countries and in addition, he also conducts workshops that reveal artists inside every single person. Everyone is very welcome to participate, more information at www.skulptuuristuudio.ee

At the Tallinn Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend Tauno Kangro will create a small studio athmosphere and will show his working methods on both Friday and Saturday evening. Come and see with your own eyes!