Tallinn Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend 2017

Towers Square owes its name to the towers of the Town Wall facing the place. In addition to this, one can see the numerous spires of churches from this spot.

In the Middle Ages this place was called Nunnakoppel (Nuns paddock) as it belonged to the convent functioning in the buildings of the present‑day Gustav Adolf School. During the 17−8th centuries the earth fortifications and the moat were constructed there. By the middle of the 19th century the fortifications lost there military significance. The moat at this part was filled in with earth in 1864 and the plot got the function of the hayfield. In 1896 the territory was turned into post of the beginning of the 1900th has been well preserved at the park. In 1931-33 the square was turned into communal park. The area was refurbished in 1990 and a circular plaza was added in 2009. Now the square boasts playgrounds for children and fitness areas, and has become known for the Tallinn International Flower Festival, which takes place here every summer. With nearly 2km of its original city wall still standing, Tallinn boasts one of Europe’s best preserved Medieval fortifications. In fact, a large part of what gives Old Town its fairytale charm is the system of walls and and towers that surrounds it.