SigariMaja (Cigar House) and Ashton

Tallinn Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend proudly presents – our long-term wonderful cooperation partner SigariMaja

SigariMaja presents different cigars at the Friday’s LifeStyle Expo & Show and most importantly, in cooperation with Ashton, provides cigars for the Ashton & Porsche Gala-Dinner on Saturday evening. 

Sigari Maja has been established in 2000, with a thought to introduce and share culture of enjoying cigars in Estonia. House is located at the Tallinn Town Hall Square – right in the heart of the Old City and guests can find impressive selection of cigars, representing many of profound producers, both, well known around the world (such as Davidoff and Havana cigars) and those, which are rather called premium boutique brands and all this and finest selection of the drinks from the bar to accompany your cigar Today Cigar House is joined by 3 more retail shops under the name Tobacco City, which are located in various areas of city of Tallinn to serve customers convenience for a quick purchase.

Guests of the festive dinner party - Ashton & Porsche Gala-Dinner – on the 10th of June have a chance to enjoy three cigars belonging to Ashton family:

Ashton Cabinet Tres Petite Cigars have been a staple in the premium cigar industry since their release, and continues to grow! Made by the Fuente family, this cigar features a 4-year aged Dominican core with a crisp CT wrapper. The cigar is then aged an additional year for an incredible flavor.

Ashton Symmetry reveals a beautifully proportioned merger of aged tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Silky Ecuador Habano wrappers unveil an unrivaled harmony of medium to full body, power and finesse. Crisp notes of spice and oak flourish early on, and praise an irresistible emergent cream. Savory nuances of leather and figs segue into a superb finish. Available in five soft box-pressed sizes, Ashton Symmetry escapes like a great secret and boldly inaugurates the inclusion of Nicaraguan tobacco into the Ashton portfolio.

Meditation cigar - Paradiso Quintessence Epicure 

Celebrated cigar-maker Jose "Pepin" Garcia embraces his remarkable talents as a world-class blender with Paradiso Quintessence. Drawn from a luscious Ecuador Habano wrapper and the finest, premium aged binder and filler tobaccos grown on the Garcia family estates, Quintessence is patiently rolled in Pepin's immaculate factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, in four classic formats. Captivating notes of molasses, coffee and black pepper intrigue the palate with a placid sweetness. Hints of dried fruit, figs and sugarcane gather in wonderful proportion to culminating spices. Cool, civil aromas emanate throughout a medium to full-bodied finish. Paradiso Quintessence exemplifies Pepin's rise to prominence with tasteful indulgence.

SigariMaja and Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend invite you to join the party and have a taste of good cigars already next weekend! Tickets available at: