One of the most prominent European salsa bands “Orquesta Tri Cohiba” at the “Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend 2017”!

Orquesta Tri Cohiba was founded in 1983 in Helsinki, Finland, and still holds actively concerts in the best Finnish clubs (e.g. Storyville) and abroad (e.g. Clazz in Tallinn). The band has made 6 concert tours in Cuba, the latest in 2015 included concerts in famous Havana clubs (e.g. Casa de la Musica, Miramar) sharing stages with front line Cuban bands and performing also at Fiesta del Fuego festival.

The name Tri Cohiba contains two misunderstandings. In 1492, when Cristofer Columbus came to the West Indian islands and met the first Indians, they met also a man smoking a pipe. They asked: “What are you smoking?” and the answer was “Tabaco”, which meant pipe. If they had asked what is burning in the pipe, the answer would have been “Cohiba”. The first part of the name was originally “Trio”, since in the beginning there were not so many musicians in the band. However, in one radio program in 1985 the band was praised as the magnificent Doctor Cohiba, where “Tri” was the Finnish abbreviation like Dr. So they changed the name, since this allowed the band to grow.

The music consists of salsa and timba, cha cha cha and boleros and there are 8 persons in the orchestra at the moment: four musicians of Cuban origin, two Finnish, one Panamanian and one Chilean:

  • Bobby Barrera (Panama, timbales, vocals, musical director)
  • Roberto Cueto (Chile, lead singer, guitar)
  • Harlem Curbelo (Cuba, trumpet, vocals)
  • Gerardo Hernandez (Cuba, congas)
  • Mikko Hyttinen (Finland, baby bass)
  • Aldo Martinez (Cuba, trombon, earlier e.g. director of Orquesta Cumbre)
  • Emilio Ortiz Reyes (Cuba, trumpet, earlier e.g. in Habana Tropicana show orchestra)
  • Timo Seppälä (Finland, piano, director and founder of the band)

Better wear dancing shoes, when Tri Cohiba is on the stage on Friday on the 9th of June at the Tallinn Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend 2017!