Liviko AS has been one of the founders and longest cooperation partner of Tallinn Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend. It is a pleasure to have them on board!

Established in 1898, Liviko AS is the largest national Estonian strong spirits producer combining more than a century of traditions and innovative technology. Company’s leading brands are Vana Tallinn liqueur and Viru Valge vodka, both market leaders and well established brands for more than 50 years.

On the 9th of June at 18:30 Liviko will carry out the workshop “Bitter/ sugar/ water/ spirits”

Definition for cocktail was born in 1806 and it`s a drink that has to consist bitter, sugar, water and spirits. Vana Tallinn was born more than 150 years later and the goal was to create unique, tropical liqueur that would be the flagship of Tallinn.

Vana Tallinn Elegance is the newest of the family and especially created to suit with cigars.

In the workshop performed by Vana Tallinn Brand Ambassador Taavi Tenso the guest can find out how to make Vana Tallinn Elegance even more divine by adding different "secret weapons" creating the magic cocktail.
Pre-registration is required to participate at the workshop, please send an e-mail to

Guests of Tallinn Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend 2017 can refeel the pleasure of having Vana Tallinn Elegance as a digestive in Ashton and Porsche Gala Dinner on the 10th of June and it´s also given out as award!