Habanos Nordic

In the world there are just a few things that are known without question to be the best of their kind. A Habano-or Havana cigar-is one of them.

The heart of the distinction is in the tobacco and its taste. Other places may have acquired Cuban skills and even Cuban seeds, but never the natural gifts of the Cuban soil and the Cuban climate. These you will find nowhere else.

All Habanos are Cuban, but by no means all Cuban cigars are Habanos!

The main product for the company is premium Habanos cigars, which is more than a tobacco product - it represents a lifestyle. In the portfolio one will find everything from the super premium brand Cohiba to the low premium brand of Jose L.Piedra. Both representing cigars are made by hand of the excellent Cuban tobacco.

Habanos Nordic AB is exclusively responsoble for all sales and marketing of the Habanos brands in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary to Habanos S.A. who is the world leader in the commercialization of Premium cigars, with a global market share of more than 70%. Nordic head quarter is based in Gothenburg, Sweden from where the distributtion of all Habanos brands is organised throughout the region. The Nordic distribution network includes its own salesforce in Sweden, Denmark and Estonia.

More information: http://www.habanosnordic.se/