Bespoke Cigars

To continue his family tradition of producing luxury goods since 1827 Jeremy Casdagli launched the Bespoke Cigar range. Only the finest aged tobacco is used in creating these long filler cigars. Bespoke Cigars delivering Luxury , Elegance & Tradition – also to our Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend.
Bespoke Cigars has been our good cooperation partner since the beginning 5 years ago and we hope to continue very many years to come!

On Friday on the 9th of June at the LifeStyle Expo and Show Bespoke Cigars offers the Rosetta Cigar. 

The Bespoke Cabinet Selection - launched in 2016 these long filler cigars are blended for Bespoke Cigars by Hendrick Kelner Junior. In the early 1900s it became fashionable amongst the British upper classes to order unbanded “Bespoke” cigars in plain, square cedar wood boxes. On arrival in London these boxes would be slotted into custom made decorative cabinets.

The story of the birth of this cigar: „The Rosetta cigar was born during a most interesting conversation I had with a certain Martin Brix Nelson, of Kind Cigars , whilst driving through Sweden together. What would be the perfect cigar addition to Swedish coffee shops … and what would be it’s name ? … the Rosetta was born. I do hope you enjoy it as much as we do“.

This beautiful little “coned” cigar is dominated by it’s 11 year aged Bonao binder leaf. This is a mild cigar with a beautiful, smooth body dominated by the much sought after 11 year aged Bonao leaf used as a binder. This cigar was initially conceaved as a perfect smoke to accompany a coffee.  The name "rosetta"  comes from the "latte" artwork  found in frothy centre of your cappuccino ot Latte. It is the first of the Bespoke Cabinet selection line. 

Wrapper, binder and filler – all from Dominican Republic.

Only a few more days and guests of the Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend 2017 have a wonderful chance to taste the Rosetta Cigar among many others. 

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