Nordic BigSmoke 2013

Nordic Big Smoke 2013 was held in Tallinn and in Saaremaa from June 21st to 23th 2013. Cigar Smoking Championship started with welcome drinks and cigars in Tallinn Cigar House. Exclusive gala dinner took place in highly-regarded sea restaurant City Marina with wonderful views to the city of Tallinn. Winner of the cigar smoking contest was Mr Igor Gorovin from Saint Petersburg.

Saturday started with the trip to the island called Saaremaa where the first stop was in unique Kaali crater. Cigar expert and founder of the Bespoke cigar brand Mr Jeremy Casdagly gave a presentation about the Bespoke cigars and guests had an opportunity to taste Ron Baclero rum.

Also previous Estonian president Arnold Rüütel attended the event.

All the quests were accommodated in the small boutique hotel in Kuressaare called Arensburg SPA Hotel. Memorable dinner was in Windmill tavern with finest drinks and cigars. Great emotions were shared by the local folk group.

Weekend ended in the restaurant Paat, where the participants had a possibility to prepare their own cigar.